For the uninitiated I will attempt to explain


It is a loosely regulated hodge-podge of actual english words and garbled attempts at english words used by Toddlers still learning how to speak.

Here is a list of toddlerese words and phrases Bella uses every day, (I have also given explanations where necessary)

“Bibeo- watchit”–“Video watch” or Portable DVD player

Usage: “Can me bring my bibeo watchit to the gym mommy?”

“Pick me, Pick me “–pick me up

Usage: “I don’t wanna walk. Pick me, pick me mommy!”

“Mellery, Mellery, Mellery, Mellery”–Merrily, Merrily–

Usage: Row, Row, Row you boat, Mellery, Mellery, Mellery Mellery…

“Sounds Good Mommy “–(as written)

Usage: said when she likes plans I’ve made, like what we’ll eat for breakfast.


Usage: “My vit-e-min my vit-e-min!”

“mips”–lipstick or lipgloss–

Usage: “Can me have Mips mommy?”


Usage: “Me not a big girl! Me widdow”

The language grows and changes every day, so be sure to come back and check for updates, or if you are watching her, and can’t figure out WHAT THE HECK!! she’s saying, then  this is the place for you.

Do your kids have a funny way of saying things?

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Working out!!

O.K. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Look @ him--don't lie, U know you want to meet him 2!!

Look @ him--don't lie, U know you want to meet him 2!!

In January I set a few goals:

  1. Stop biting my nails Check
  2. Laugh more, and help others find the humor in life. Check
  3. Meet Robert Pattinson & get a “Picture”.
  4. Work out every day…ok…as much as possible. Check

I know it’s only 4 months into the year, but I have to say I’ve been doing pretty good keeping my resolutions!

Success on 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!!

(I have no control over that third one, he’s in hiding in Vancouver, so I’ll just have to deal with that one later–don’t worry I haven’t given up yet!)

Bella in the gym in her princess dress watching Bibeos*videos*

Bella in the gym in her princess dress watching Bibeos*videos*

Right now, I have lovely nails

(Yes, I finally figured out how to stop biting them).

oooohhhhh.....the aaagooonnnyyy!!

oooohhhhh.....the aaagooonnnyyy!!

Writing this blog is  definitely filling my quota for helping people laugh and I’ve been working out at least 3 or 4 days a week.

As far as working out goes, I’m not going all G.I. Jane  or anything; I walk, bike, do pilates and use the weights in the gym in my building.  Most days I try and work out alone, but sometimes with the way things fall, Bella has to be there when I’m working out.  Most of the time she’s pretty cool, she watches her videos, and relaxes with a snack.  Other times she likes to spin and twirl in her princess dress in front of the mirrors.  Then there are the times when she wants all of my attention, or she wants to do what I’m doing……..and cue the drama:

Yeah, Bella all the women of the world know Exactly how you feel.  We feel the same way about Exercising too!

Did you start the year off with any Resolutions?

Did you keep them?

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Today’s Laughs

"Is 5% a prudent level of coupon reinvestment risk?"

"Is 5% a prudent level of coupon reinvestment risk?"

So we all know

that these are

"But what's the allocation to mid-cap growth?"

"But what's the allocation to mid-cap growth?"

rough times

for almost



…But you

know things are getting really rough

when Toddlers start  talking stocks,

& exploring their retirement options.

Here is a recent conversation I had with my daughter:

Bella: “Mommy?”

M2B: “Yes,Belly.”

Bella: “Where’s my spectus*?” (*prospectus)

M2B:”Your WH@T????”

Bella:”My spectus, my spectus….I need to weed* it!”  (*Read)

‘Nuff Said !!

Another Funny Bella video about Naptime

Is the current economic climate getting you down?

What is your family doing to cope?

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I love NOGGIN!

One of the best things I have come across as the parent of a toddler is the Noggin channel.

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You know how people with kids are always giving you advice.One of the ones I get most often is…

“Watch your kids closely.

It only takes a second for things to go horribly wrong!”

I wonder if this is the kind of thing they’re talking about? I mean, it’s all well and good to say,

Me: "Whatchya doing?" Bella: "putting on Mips!!"

Me: "Whatchya doing?" Bella: " I Putting on Mips*!!" (*lipstick in toddlerese)

“Don’t leave your kids for a minute”,

but I sure could have used a heads up on the the markers!!

Have you ever had a moment like this? Share your story in the comments; Or you can email me at: mama2bellablog@yahoo.com

A Quick Question…

Since I’m talking about genes, I think I’ll go ahead and continue in the same vein.  There has been some question as to who my daughter resembles more…

Enjoying a cupcake

Enjoying a cupcake

Some people say Dad….


isn't he sweet??

Some say Mom….



I think I’ll let you all decide

(remember, voting is anonymous, so I won’t know what you voted)

I can tell you one thing though…

What are you teaching her Andy?!

What are you teaching her Andy?!

…she didn’t get this from me!!

Have you ever just looked at some

Hi Mommy!
Hi Mommy!

feature of your child’s and


“Dang. I done Good!”……….

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