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"Is 5% a prudent level of coupon reinvestment risk?"

"Is 5% a prudent level of coupon reinvestment risk?"

So we all know

that these are

"But what's the allocation to mid-cap growth?"

"But what's the allocation to mid-cap growth?"

rough times

for almost



…But you

know things are getting really rough

when Toddlers start  talking stocks,

& exploring their retirement options.

Here is a recent conversation I had with my daughter:

Bella: “Mommy?”

M2B: “Yes,Belly.”

Bella: “Where’s my spectus*?” (*prospectus)

M2B:”Your WH@T????”

Bella:”My spectus, my spectus….I need to weed* it!”  (*Read)

‘Nuff Said !!

Another Funny Bella video about Naptime

Is the current economic climate getting you down?

What is your family doing to cope?

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p_00049I haven’t been keeping up with the blog the past few weeks, because I’ve been very busy TWILIGHTING!


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I do not consider myself to be a great hostess.  Don’t get me wrong, I can be a great hostess. I know how to do it, but I don’t always enjoy doing it.  When I’m at parties, I like to sit back and soak up the atmosphere; not run around frantically trying to put out fires, and I hate being the person in control of everything.  Fortunately, I was able to overcome my natural tendency to observe this year just in time to throw Miss Isabella a party for her second birthday.


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Bella at a few weeks!

When my daughter was born, the first thing the doctor said was “Wow…She’s got a head of black hair!”  This would seem like an auspicious beginning for a little girl.


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I have a funny series of pics, that I posted to facebook.  My cousin said that Bella and her B.F.F.(Naomi) looked like they were having a serious conversation… I thought so too…Here is the conversation– as I imagined it…

Hey Girl! What's up?


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OK, so I totally have to give credit to my friend, CristinaD, for bringing these to my attention.–Good looking out Girl!! (more…)

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