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is a DIRTY WORD in our house.naptim_12

You know one of those words you say, in the heat of the moment without thinking, like:

“Oh look it’s 1:30, Yay! It’s NAPTIME!”

or maybe this…

“Hey there Missy…cut that out! What did you say? No!? Did you just tell me NO?!? OK! It’s NAPTIME for you!”

or even something as innocuous as this…

“Wasn’t the park fun Bella?  with all of that running around, you must be ready for NAPTIME!”

Every time you say it, you could just kick yourself, because it always starts trouble.  As you might have guessed my daughter Bella DETESTS Naptime.  She does not have the same problem with BEDTIME.  That would make some kind of sense…but oh NOOOooo! She’s fine going to sleep at night!  My husband takes her in the room,  rocks her a little, lays her down in the bed, sings her a song then has the following conversation:


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A historic moment for Our Nation!!

Folks, I am embarassed to say that…..


My Black Card

I missed Barak Obama’s swearing in ceremony  & Inauguration today! I know CRaZy!! I do call myself a black person, but as of today I’m afraid my Official “BLACK PERSON” card (handed out to all dark skinned babies at birth, and to all the lighter skinned ones after their features start to set or after they’ve take an Af-Am course in college) might be revoked when news gets out!{nervously chews nails} (more…)

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