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O.K. Andy and I are sort of excited…Recently I’ve been working with Bella on Rhymes.  There is an episode of her FAVORITE show Ni Hao Kai Lan where the little Koala Tolee learns to rhyme, and she really likes to do that, so yesterday, we worked on Rhymes, and she pulled out this gem…ENJOY!

OK…so maybe we got a little ahead of ourselves there.  But even though it’s not an EXACT rhyme, at least we know she’s headed in the right direction, even if her steering is veering a little to the left.

Have a fun rhyme to share?

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For the uninitiated I will attempt to explain


It is a loosely regulated hodge-podge of actual english words and garbled attempts at english words used by Toddlers still learning how to speak.

Here is a list of toddlerese words and phrases Bella uses every day, (I have also given explanations where necessary)

“Bibeo- watchit”–“Video watch” or Portable DVD player

Usage: “Can me bring my bibeo watchit to the gym mommy?”

“Pick me, Pick me “–pick me up

Usage: “I don’t wanna walk. Pick me, pick me mommy!”

“Mellery, Mellery, Mellery, Mellery”–Merrily, Merrily–

Usage: Row, Row, Row you boat, Mellery, Mellery, Mellery Mellery…

“Sounds Good Mommy “–(as written)

Usage: said when she likes plans I’ve made, like what we’ll eat for breakfast.


Usage: “My vit-e-min my vit-e-min!”

“mips”–lipstick or lipgloss–

Usage: “Can me have Mips mommy?”


Usage: “Me not a big girl! Me widdow”

The language grows and changes every day, so be sure to come back and check for updates, or if you are watching her, and can’t figure out WHAT THE HECK!! she’s saying, then  this is the place for you.

Do your kids have a funny way of saying things?

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